Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Intro

Wrapping up the school year and gearing up for the long days of summer. I took Maija to visit her college in Minnesota last week, freshman registration, and it is finally starting to feel real. The fact that she is moving on, that we did it. We did it, we made it through an entire childhood. I don't have a heavy heart, perhaps I will in a few short months as we're packing her life away into boxes, or maybe it won't hit me until after we start a new school year without her at home. In certain ways I am very nostalgic for the past, but mostly the future seems so beautiful, so enticing, and I've learned that letting go does not mean losing out. Mothering her throughout the ages and stages has been a true gift, but mothering her NOW in the present is just as lovely; we're simply getting better with age I tell ya!