Friday, November 30, 2012

Pumpkin Blossom

Why does Sunny look like she has a secret?

Well we set up our tree last weekend and towards the end, after we had hung most of our favorite ornaments that have been collected and treasured for many years now, the whole thing fell flat on it's conifer pine tree face. Oh it was sad. There may have been tears as we assessed the damage. Call me sentimental.

Ever the problem solver, Nuala wrote a note to Santa and asked Sunny Sparkles to take it to him during her nightly North Pole check in.

Santa and Sunny did not disappoint...

They had help from my friend Abbe, who told them where to look for this new pumpkin and I could hardly believe it but this is an exact duplicate of the pumpkin that broke. Exact.Same.One.

Is that not proof of holiday magic or what?

And I am so glad that all three of those sweethearts (Abbe, Santa and Sunny) worked together to help bring a big old smile to this little girl when she woke up Wednesday morning to discover what they had been up to.

I think I should mention that seconds after this picture was taken she dropped the ornament. It fell four feet to the ground and didn't break. We both had mini heart attacks.

Nuala's middle name is Wassakwane which is Ojibwe and translates to Pumpkin Blossom. She received the original pumpkin ornament during her very first Christmas and wasn't the only one who was sad to see it shattered on the floor after the crash. Those sentimental tears? They were mostly mine.

What a lovely little bit of holiday magic and a wonderful story to share over the coming years. Thank you so much Abbe, Santa and Sunny.

Unfortunately the pumpkin wasn't the only casualty last weekend. We lost about 10 ornaments total including 2 of Finn's special airplanes, so there is more repair work to be done but Nuala's pumpkin was a great start.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Dear Ruari,
Happy Birthday.
I love you.
You are amazing.
I honestly cannot believe how old you are all of a sudden!

I still remember when you were a teeny tiny little girl, so curious and so perceptive. You have always been so in tune to the pulse of our family, a natural born leader of sorts. I love how you have so many ideas and share your gifts so generously.

With patience.
With humor.
With a kind heart.
With joy.

We had to sing and eat cake the night before your actual birthday, but I don't think anyone really minded too much...

I had some helpers when it was time to make the cakes.

Down to one slice in less than 4 minutes!

Awesome Dr. Who shirt from Dad....

As is often the case, our kitchen was completely stressed out after dinner (but honestly, it always is!).

Don't worry we brought it back from the brink.

I hope you had a lovely birthday darling, but have an an even better time being 13 for a year!

Otherwise, it's business as usual around here.

I am on day four of my Operation Skinny Jeans. I won't bore you with the details, but basically I want to get back into shape. My pregnancy really did a number on me. Okay, I did a number on me during pregnancy, but either way I would like to get back into my pre-pregnancy lifestyle (and wardrobe) by next summer. So far it's been a struggle to get motivated, there is just so much going on every day distracting me, not to mention the fact that I have an enormous sweet tooth.

Anyways, I am on day four and will be thrilled to make it to day 21 or so. Usually by the third week it starts to feel like a lifestyle and not like a challenge. I'm not doing a diet, I just need to get back to eating healthy whole foods and exercising again.

I'm documenting each day over HERE at my new blog, Operation Skinny Jeans.
Another blog? Really? When I can barely keep us with this one?
Yes, but only because I  really, no REALLY, need to get back in shape and I'm hoping it will help me stay motivated. Feel free to peek in and help me stay accountable.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

In case I haven't said it lately, I am so thankful for the gift of this family. The highs and lows, the cuddles and cries, the ins and outs of every single day. Even if it's hard, even if there is struggle and chaos and not enough sleep, or sleep that is interrupted by a hungry baby or the wandering mind of a mother wondering if she is doing it "right", wondering how she should be doing it better.

Yet, I can't help but feel grateful.

Because every day there is laughter, there is wonder, there is beauty and there is love.

This little cutie turned 2 months old yesterday.
He sleeps like a pro, is pretty much the happiest baby I've ever met, has such a calm and sweet disposition, loves to eat (LOVES IT), despises the pacifier and only laughs for Dada (which is totally not fair).

I could just eat him up.

One and only blooper shot I can share with you (as a mini preview) of the family shoot we attempted a few weekends ago. Have you ever tried to photograph 9 kids at once? Would you like to come photograph mine?


Starting a new tradition this year.
Elf On The Shelf.
We named ours Sunny Sparkles.
There have already been a few mornings when she's been running late!