Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Teething Tuesday

Aislinn has two new teeth and they've been causing quite the commotion at night, but I just remind myself that she's growing so fast and this part of our life is fluid and changing and this is the last time I'll have a baby who needs to be held tightly through the night. This is the last time I'll have to give practically everything away to someone else, it's physically and mentally exhausting but it's also a gift and it won't stay this way forever, nothing ever does. It's such a small part of childhood but such an important stage of development and seriously, who doesn't like to cuddle? Oisin is healing up nicely, the doctor gave us permission to take the sling off during naps and at night. I've noticed that he still babies it quite a bit but actually prefers having it free. I can't blame him. Micah joined the robotics team this year at school and their competition was this past weekend. Things didn't go as well as he had hoped, but honestly he had a great time and learned so much through the experience. Life isn't always about winning, there are so many valuable gifts to be gained from taking chances, exploring new things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. I'm glad he's still eager to feed his curiosity. I have a feeling that our household is gearing up for a great year of transition and growth.