Monday, July 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Once again these pictures have been sitting here waiting to get "published". Waiting for words, but I don't have enough time to do them justice so I hope they tell you enough of a story on their own.

*My normal breakfast lately*

*Remember Oscar's little tag quirk?*

*Lucky for him a lot of shirts have a lower side seam tag nowadays*

*Braids are all the rage around here lately*

*Especially since they result in this*

*I am so happy to have a full house once again*

*I will learn how to use my Speedlite, I can definitely see how it will come in handy*

*Just when you thought we were sick of the beach.....*

*This caught my eye after I had spent 48 minutes chasing 3 non-listening toddlers around the children's museum. I laughed a little bit actually*

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone.

Monday, July 18, 2011

100 Pictures

A brief morning storm is best followed up with a party in the driveway.

Don't forget your rain boots.

If it starts to rain again head for shelter.

I am playing a massive game of catch up here. Summer is pretty much just slipping through my fingers.

I never get tired of it. Summer.

We went to Chicago and stopped along the way so that Nuala could ride a pony. She is obsessed with horses right now. We talked about it for days and laid it on really thick on the drive down. As it turns out, you should probably call ahead...

A kind lady let us at least walk around to the back pasture and feed the ponies some grass through the fence.

When the sobbing continued as soon as we were back in the car we pulled out some Cheese Castle cheese bread but that girl really had her heart set on a pony ride. Lesson learned.

Hello Field Museum.

Nuala finally got to ride her pony.

She was adamant that one ride was simply not enough.

Brendan surprised me with a flash for my camera, a Speedlite 430, yippeeeee. Now I just have to figure out how to use the darn thing.

Discovery World. Last time we went Oscar got "lost" for 10 minutes. Security found him in the aquarium, turns out he really really wanted to see the fish. This time we had a nice chat beforehand about staying with the group and we also made sure to get him to the aquarium in a timely fashion.

The lake.
Yet another aspect of summer that I will never get tired of.

As we were leaving the lake we spotted 3 cranes along the side if the road and of course I was fumbling for my camera and trying to get a decent shot out of the window and totally holding up traffic in the process.

I never did get a good shot, but it was still exciting for a city girl like me.

Most importantly.....

The kids came home from their trip out east.

Of course Maija left about an hour after that, but it was still nice to have all 8 of them under one roof again!

Michaele and Nico left for France yesterday, heading home after their nice long visit. When they come again next summer the kids will get to meet their new cousin. We are so excited about this.

Speaking of cousins....

My grandma Kate's side of the family had a nice big reunion picnic this past weekend.

So there you have it, I think we're all caught up now and it only took 100 or so pictures......