Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This and That

Hmmmm....Just a little bit of this and that.

He's a sumo wrestler you guys. He is rough and tumble and he LOVES it. I really hope this next baby is another boy so that they can be rough and tumble brothers together. That's sexist isn't it? Totally.

It's cold here and time for footie pajamas, which are pretty much the best. 

We got this great game for the twins this year, it's called "You've Been Sentenced" and the trick is to use your cards to make sentences. Snakes sneeze coldly but under the petting zoo fish build tissues. Oscar.

He's finishing up Redwall right now. It's pretty serious stuff.

Look at this little missed gem from last spring. My boys. Well, two of them.

It was Feast day at school last week, and the kids were so excited all week long and were not let down one bit by the actual event which was fabulous.

Snow. Ugh. Time to dig out the snowpants and buy more boots, unless of course they're already sold out all over town! Booooooooo.

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