Monday, June 29, 2015

Nuala's Voice

Hi! I'm Nuala, it's summer break. My brother Finn, and my two sisters Ruari and Sidhe are away for 3 weeks visiting their mom. I Face Timed with them twice but I still miss them. 
Bye, but wait! I forgot to mention that tonight is the annual dance night! Be there! Remember to dress up! Mom says I should talk about something I did during summer vacation so….a few days ago, we went to Little Amerricka. I played on go-carts and I got a gold bracelet, that means you can do ANY RIDE you want. It's a matter of height, you have to be 56 inches tall and I just made it.
There was a ride where you go straight UP, and one where you go high up on a little private one person coaster car, and you go fast ALL around Little Amerricka! And a roller coster where, when you go down, you feel like you're gonna go FLYING OUT AND DIE. Oisin cried on that one. That was still fun though. It started to rain, and Maija and Oisin were on the train, but on one of those roofless cars so they were stuck getting wet in the rain, but they pulled in to the station not too late. I gave maija her cotton candy, and we hid out in a little room with benches to get away from the rain. My favorite ride was the Meteor and I also loved the go karts. Oscar rode with me on the go karts since he isn't tall enough to drive them yet. He was the co pilot. Bye, for real now. I wish I could talk more, but I'm too tired. I am going to go build a new fort in the living room since mom destroyed our other one!              

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Sarah Backus said...

It's a beauty! Love having Nuala's voice! Great idea, having the kids take turns! They could each hit it out of the park...I especially would pay money to read the Brendan edition!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA