Friday, October 23, 2015


We finalized the details and close on the new house at the end of November and while I'm excited I am also a bit somber about the whole thing as well. Which is really irritating for poor Brendan who never wanted to move in the first place but let me take the lead and push the whole thing along at basically a breakneck pace. On Wednesday when I was ready to actually walk away from the entire deal he was the one who had to talk me back down and patiently guide me along to the final signature, even though he'd be perfectly happy to stay put exactly where we are. I'm truly grateful for him. And while I know that we're going to have a wonderful time making new memories in our new house, it goes without saying that we already have a million memories in our current home and it's bittersweet packing up and closing this chapter of our lives. This house will always have a special place in all of our hearts, but onward we go and leap we must.

On a brighter note, it's Sidhe's birthday today and Finn is coming home to help us celebrate. 
And since it's the first time we'll have all ten kids in one place since August, I'm going to try and take our Christmas card photo tonight, but I really only have from about 5:15pm-6pm to make the magic happen and you know how easy it is to photograph all 10 at once so wish me luck.

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Special K said...

Wow- best of luck with the picture of the kids! I am overwhelmed by the idea of moving house. But more overwhelmed with the idea of staying here forever. Hope the new place brings great things that win you all over!