Friday, August 14, 2009

The Skipping Stone

A few days ago we hiked down to a nearby "creek" and splashed around for awhile. The kids were very mild and easy going, so we all enjoyed the stillness of the water and the peaceful morning breeze. At one point Micah and Ruari struck up a little conversation that went something like this.....

Ruari: What ya doing?
Micah: (digging around in the water) I am looking for my skipping stone, do you want to help me? It looks smooth.
Ruari: Ok.
(At which point both children began carefully scanning over hundreds of rocks. It's important for you to know that they weren't just looking for any skipping stone, they were in fact looking for a specific skipping stone that Micah had indeed already been skipping down the creek)
Ruari: (holding up a small rock) Is THIS it????
Micah: (inspecting the rock rather skeptically) Hmmmmm......I don't know, let's see if it skips.
Micah: (throwing rock into creek only to find that it does not skip at all, in fact to his dismay it sinks rather dramatically) No, that's not it (matter of factly).

I assure you it was a hilarious conversation to listen to, but maybe you had to be there?

Oscar was a rock throwing menace, he kept finding dangerously large boulders to hoist into the water and after a while all the other kids decided that perhaps they would be safer down stream.

Nuala was the least impressed with the entire adventure and couldn't quite make up her mind about whether or not there was any fun to be had.

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