Thursday, January 7, 2010

Martha Vs. Gourmet

There are only two things that I can actually cook better than Brendan.
Eggs and quesadilla.
And since neither one requires much culinary skill, that should pretty much clue you in on who does most of the cooking around here and why.

Brendan likes to say that he is the chef and I am the baker, and while I do make a mean loaf of homemade bread (no bread machines involved) and some delicious pizza dough, part of me wonders if he is just trying to make me feel better about being such a lousy cook. Especially when he then turns around and makes homemade pie crusts, galettes and pecan bars. Even when he bakes he has to crank it up a notch. Sure my M&M bars are a family favorite, but even those were born out of my need to cut corners and who really wants to worry about individual cookies when you can spread the dough out in a pan and bake them all at once? I guess you could say that when it comes to the kitchen I'm a little bit less than Martha and he's a whole lot of Gourmet.
Just in case you were ever wondering.

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Brendan O. said...

Hah, the irony to this story is that Gourmet magazine just went belly-up. Martha Stewart? Still a gazillionaire.