Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Poor Oscar seems to have inherited some of his father's less desirable traits (not like there are many to choose from).

Just respiratory issues.

All day long yesterday he was struggling with a chronic cough and a faucet nose. By 3pm I was starting to have concerns about his breathing, he was beginning to have retractions (this is when you can see your skin getting pulled in between each individual rib every time you inhale). I called the dr. but it was already close to 4pm and practically impossible for me to cross the city before the office closed (did I mention we're switching practices?). I really just wanted some advice anyways, although I already knew everything the triage nurse offered, sometimes it's just comforting talking it out, ya know?

Long story short, he did not end up needing a trip to urgent care last night, just another breathing treatment and a bunch of cuddles.

Not to mention about 100 check in's from his mom last night as he coughed his way through dreamland.

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