Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday is bliss. We frolic. We lolligag. We swagger. And we giggle our way through the afternoon, because we know that soon everyone will be back home again with a lighter load, with an extra skip to their step, on account of it's FRIDAY and even the twins know by now that Friday is special, that Friday means all sorts of wonderful things. Wonderful weekend things.

You should have seen how the babies lit up as soon as these two girls arrived home from school today. It was like Mardi Gras for a minute right in our very own front yard.

And Saoirse even had the beads to prove it...

Ok look, obviously I am resposible for the tutu (I feel as if I've demonstrated incredible self restraint since she's only worn it one other time and that was nearly 3 months ago) but she is the one who found the beads and then insisted upon wearing them all day long. A recent thing of hers is dressing herself and she'll pretty much try to put on anything she can get her hands on. We're frequently finding her bobbling through the house with a pair of Nuala's shorts slung round her neck or a giant shirt of mine dangling off her shoulders. She's turning into a fashionista that one.

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Sara said...

I just love the tutu photos and comments, and the fashionista-ness of your youngest. I love to put one of those on Cali-who is happy to put on her dancing skirt. And holy cow, I can't believe how big Oscar and Nuala are now--but then again, I can't believe how big mine are either, and I see them every day. i agree with you, Fridays are so much fun. And how gratifying to hear compliments on your children. We all love to hear what we already know about our children, spoken by someone who hasn't known them as long.