Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Morning

You know when you're in the house early in the morning and suddenly there is a quiet stillness that sneaks up and takes you by surprise? And you have to put down whatever it is that you are preoccupied with to simply take a look around and bask in the glow of the moment because it is calm and easy.

Maybe you'll find your 2 year old reading to herself in the sun room, totally engrossed and content. Maybe you'll find your 3 year old twins in the midst of a semi-organized game on the top bunk, one that you of course can't quite seem to figure out but they understand the rules and are giggling peacefully as they play.

Maybe you'll just have one of those mornings where the world is yours for the taking. Maybe.

One of those mornings when you sprawl out and enjoy yourself fully, living in the moment and not worrying about what comes next.

One of THOSE mornings. Maybe.

After all our yawning and stretching we set out for the pool. As I was unloading the supplies and setting up the stroller Nuala started telling me all about the cool something or other she saw on a tree.

"Mom, mom, mom, I see something. I found something. What is it? I don't know what it is mom. Look. Look. LOOK. Mom......Mom.......MAAAHHHM!!!".

I of course was having one of those auto pilot mom moments, you know what I'm talking about. One of those moments when you're multi tasking, juggling too many things at once, and so you wind up sounding like this....."Mmmmm hmmmmm. That's nice. Ok honey. Hmmmmmm. Wow. Neat. Mmmmm hmmmmmm", when you have not in fact even looked up from whatever it is that you're doing. Kids usually always know when you're faking it and after a while Nuala nearly gave up on me, but once I had all our gear in order I decided to go look at her big discovery so that she would know that even auto pilot mom has a shining moment every once in a while.

I'm really glad I did too because she had found the biggest hairiest moth ever. Nuala is one for bugs, she is always asking the big kids to overturn rocks in the back yard and digging up worms. Not a day goes by when she doesn't come running over to me with something wriggly cupped in her hand just to give me a peek, but she was not willing to get to close to this guy and kept a very safe distance. Although at one point she did reach out with one finger and contemplated touching a wing. I mean, it did look very soft.

We wound up going to the pool twice yesterday and had to check on our friend a few more times before the day was out.

This one cracks me up with her absolute disdain for sand. She paced around the edge of the playground but just couldn't bring herself to cross the divide.

By the time I finally convinced her to dip her toes in it was time to leave again.

Permanent marker. Kids love those things. Enough said.

Brendan was out of town yesterday and so it was just me and the three littles. We made the most of it.

Despite the fact that I said we were going to have ice cream for dinner, I did actually follow up with some pizza. Yep, pool pizza, see there's nothing to this single mom thing.

I actually was a single mom once upon a time and so I know exactly how lucky we are to have found the life that we have together. I'd like to think that I could do anything on my own and I probably could, but I certainly wouldn't want to. Life is a whole lot of wonderful when you are sharing it with a partner and I can't wait for the Mr. to get home tonight.

*Oscar was impossible to shoot last night so Kermit is standing in for him*

Yes it was a very full day, one that at the very end even included some rare reading time for yours truly.

And now here we are, it's morning once again and we are stretching our way into another day of adventure. Morning cartoons anyone?

I think it goes without saying, but I love this life, these kids, the path that we are on together.

I wouldn't change anything, not a single thing because every moment before this was leading here.

Every moment was leading me to this morning.

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