Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Peace

Oscar turned 75 a few days ago. Oscar the custard stand. We were all more than happy to celebrate the special day with dripping cones. Happy Birthday old friend.

This whole melting custard all over the place thing is so totally outside of my comfort zone, I'm usually all about neat little scoops in plastic dishes with bright red spoons, but for whatever reason I decided to go with the flow. I'm sure that the scene was quite comical as I tried to help all three of them with their cascading cones. There was just no way to get even just one lick ahead of the mess and we were covered in custard in no time, but it was nothing that a little bubble bath action couldn't handle (plus I had to wipe them down from head to toe before we could even get back in the car) and I learned that perhaps going with the flow isn't as hard as it seems sometimes.

We made our inaugural trek to Cool Waters. Now that the new water park near our house has been reopened we haven't felt the need to trek it all the way out here, but the babies loved it.

And really? What's not to love?

Oscar has really surprised me this summer with his love for the water. He can be rather particular at times about certain.....hmmmm how would I say this.....tactile? experiences. Last summer he was more than nervous about the water but this year he is turning out to be quite the little water beetle.

*Have I ever told you about how very serious this Skittle can be?*

Nuala on the other hand has always been a fish in the water, not to mention a thrill seeker. She went down this slide at least 23 times and every single time she would spring from the water with a wild grin on her face and proclaim to the every one in the shallow end, "I LOVE THIS SLIDE!!!" Every. Single. Time. And she really meant it from the bottom of her sweet little fish heart.

Fish are gross sometimes.

But man alive I could just gobble her up. Her and I are in a groove right now, our relationship is sort of stretching out it's wings and getting a better feel for the expanse of it's true width. It's really extraordinary when you think about it, this whole parenting thing. This realization that we will be stretching out into this relationship for many years to come. The idea that our wingspan will grow wider, taller, stronger for as long as it can.

*Poor baby has had some adventures this summer and has the skinned knees to prove it.*

Last night we went out to our favorite little pizzeria. I was nursing a bit of a broken heart and needed a little time away with my Mr.

Remember that marathon I've been dreaming about for the better part of the last year? The one that is taking place in SanFrancisco in 4 weeks? Yeah, about that.....

A few weeks ago as I was coming in from a mild 4 mile run I pulled something in my thigh and it has only gotten progressively worse since then. I could bombard you with all the boring mumbo jumbo, the runner's lingo, the PT's advice, the course of therapy I am struggling through, but let's just cut to the appears that this injury will prevent me from running anywhere in the near future. Again, I will spare you the long version and just say that I am sort of a little bit devastated about this. I have not made the official call yet and am popping Ibuprofen like crazy, making nice with the torture roller and even gritting my teeth through deep tissue massage (holy freaking PAIN) in an effort to heal magically overnight, but in my heart I know that we might have to move to Plan B which is a marathon in Madison this fall. I'm not sure I'm ready to trade yet. I had such high hopes for what I was going to accomplish in the Bay, way more than 26 miles, and the idea of giving that up is really difficult to process right now. Not to mention the fact that I've spent the last 9 weeks training my butt off for nothing (except maybe a cute butt of course) and even if I can heal in time for the next marathon it means that I will have to start all over again and let me just tell you these last 9 weeks haven't exactly been a walk in the park!

Lucky for me I have the best support team around. I will count my blessings. I will reorganize my plans. I will hold positive vibrant intentions and I will RUN A MARATHON just as I told you I would. I will make peace with this eventually. One way or another, we WILL walk where the road meets the sun. I promise.

And on the bright side, look at what my trainer just whipped up for dinner tonight? What did I tell ya about my support team? What did I say about having the best partner on the planet?

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Carly + Jerry + Two monkey-like cats said...

I am sorry Sam, this brings tears to my eyes.