Saturday, August 6, 2011

Real Quick

Micah is in Michigan for the next two weeks and I am already missing him. We took a quick ice cream break the other night before he packed up to leave (see his ice cream mustache?) and I naturally thought that a few pictures were in order.

*Gotta love that parking lot landscaping*

*Here's one I edited, it's a bit pale faced*

I wish that I was a) extrememly interested in learning how to edit photos and b) the sort of lady who had tons of free time to then take that interest and apply it to every single photo, because I can see what I would change and the things I need to work on (ahem, skin tone and white balance).

For now let's just say that this kid is a major cutie and leave it at that shall we? Micah, I'm positive that you are having fun on the shores of Lake Superior, but I want you to know that I miss you nonetheless. Have fun on your many adventures.

*Gosh, he really is just super amazing and 2 weeks is going to start feeling like forever pretty soon*

1 comment:

Coleen Ruffing said...

He is a serioud cutie - I always love his pics. And that second to the last one is a crazy resemblance to Nuala.