Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Mornings

The best part of waking up? Well, it's not coffee (oh coffee I still adore you and think of you often).

No, the best part of waking up is definitely this:

Ruari coordinated this project with the little sisters last week.....

Imagine my surprise when one second later we woke up to find this guy in the sun room.

Ruari and Saoirse both planted beans and have tall stems with enthusiastic leaves sprouting in the windowsill. Nuala on the other hand went with cucumbers which apparently take a little bit longer to make an appearance. She still has dirt. She's being very patient and understanding about the whole thing.

Especially when I ask her to pose with Saoirse's plant every once in a while.

The best part of waking up? It isn't kissing my husband goodbye as he leaves for work (I like it a lot when he's here actually).

Nope, the best part is lounging around in pajamas and easing our way into the day.

Nuala is fascinated with this pregnancy book I got from the library.

She wants to know how big the baby is every single day.

And that's the pace of summer mornings around here.

But don't worry, we don't spend ALL our time in PJ's. Especially since there is now a beautiful chunky baby to hang out with. Maro has arrived! In fact just as soon as we get dressed we're taking him and his mama to the museum with us.

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