Friday, February 28, 2014

Non Nesting

Is there a word to describe the opposite of nesting? Because I am pretty sure that is what's happening around here. I keep starting projects in various rooms and then finding myself completely tuckered out, yes I said TUCKERED out, before they are done. I'm like a hurricane of motivation at 8am who has left a giant mess behind by 2pm with nothing to show for it really except, well, the mess of course. And some days the mess is enough because it's proof that there was chaos happening right here in this house, and the mess is a major part of what makes this house a home. But then other days the mess is just a mess.

I heard the boys getting ready at 6am and listened to their morning routines. Micah came down first and got Oisín out of his crib in the dim early light of the day. I heard them playing hushed games in the living room and still I stayed in bed. The baby shifted and stretched as if to say good morning. Finn was getting breakfast in the kitchen and the rest of the house remained silent. Finally at 6:21am I shuffled out to greet the day. Micah's bus arrived and we waved from the window and then went to wake up the little kids. 

The days are predictable, the weeks flow into each other and we repeat our steps again and again. I am trying to be in the moment but I can't deny there is a yearning for the future, the springtime, the birth of our new little one. I am reminded to bring myself back to the present and enjoy this time with our little family, to really spend some time with everyone before a newborn comes back into the house because I know that things are going to change overnight and I don't want to look back with regrets. Oisín is in such a fun stage of his development right now and the whole world is calling to him, everything is a wonder, around every corner is another smile, another laugh. I am really going to try and have as many adventures as we possibly can between now and April. 

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