Monday, February 10, 2014

Remember Thanksgiving?

Just trying to get caught up again. Obviously.
It's Monday and the baby boy is asleep, Saoirse is coming home in a few minutes, it's not my week to drive carpool so she's getting dropped off. There's just a lot of crazy school drop offs this year and so I pretty much asked a stranger to start a carpool with us. Random. He was a little thrown at first by my lack of social graces and formalities. Like, maybe we should know each other's names first. I don't know. I was, at that point, just desperate for a little bit of help and approached him in the hallway like, "hey buddy, you're a stay at home dad? Awesome. You have kids, I have kids, oh look, your baby is really cute, oh look, wow, I have a baby too. We have sooooo much in common. Hmmmm. Hey, I think we're neighbors, I may have followed you home the other day. No. That's not weird. I am not a weird stalker. Want to carpool? No? Okay, well think about it……Oh and my name is Sam".

One week later he started to cave. Two weeks later we had exchanged numbers. Three weeks later we were set to go. Our girls are in the same classroom and we live literally 3 blocks apart. It was meant to be and now every other week I don't have to wake the baby from his nap in order to get Saoirse from school. Score.

On the first day of our lovely arrangement I got a call at 11:27am from Isaac (Maija and Micah's dad) asking me if it was okay for Saoirse to be leaving school with a strange man, and when Carpool Dad got here with Saoirse he had a funny story to share about how all the school staff were pretty much informed but that he'd been interrogated at the doorway by another parent. Hilarious. 

Nuala just called me from school to let me know she has a cough.
Suck it up Buttercup. Didn't Maija ever tell you about the time I pulled the van over on the way to school so she could throw up in a bush and then took her to school? *I swear that never happened but the girls are absolutely positive it did*. 
Nuala: SO, mom, are you coming to get me?
Me: Uh, yes, after school…….
At which point she hung up. 
Happy Monday.

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Terri Johnson, Ph.D. said...

great holiday rememberence...