Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blink Of An Eye

Big stuff in the Ojibirish house this past week. Finn turned 18 over the weekend, wait, wait, wait, let me just say that again…..Finn turned EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD over the weekend. Man. Literally, just man, life is crazy the way it unfolds, the way it doesn't slow down, the way it passes along so seamlessly, so quickly. Blink your eyes and suddenly there is an 18 year old man-child in your house and it's like everything is different and yet you don't even know how since everything still feels the same. Even though time plays tricks on us, the progression is gradual and there is comfort in such a steady pace. But, still, how on earth can Finn be 18 already and on the brink of leaving for college? For as much parenting experience as I have under my belt after all these years, it still makes me laugh sometimes just how naive I really am. What did I think was going to happen? That he wouldn't grow up? That he'd be little forever? That he'd stay the same? Of course not, and yet…..it's hard to imagine what the next phase is going to look like, which is not to say that I'm not excited for him, it just all still feels new and unknown and I'm sure most people feel like this the first time one of their kids turns 18. Right? At any rate, he's been accepted into 5 out of the 6 universities he's applied to, did I ever mention he's worked his butt off in high school? The International Baccalaureate curriculum is rigorous and he's full diploma which has been a tough load to manage but he could very well end up starting college as a sophomore depending on how many credits he earns from the IB exams this May. Yes, even though I'm still in a bit of denial, he is poised to start the next chapter of his journey, and as usual words could never convey just how proud we are of him and what a wonderful young man he has become and is still becoming.

Oisín on the other hand turned 18 months old and I'm an old pro at that by now. He's into everything, climbing everywhere, running around the house, hollering and bellowing like a caveman when he doesn't get his way and sometimes even when he does. He is eating us out of house and home, I swear I have no idea how he fits so much food into his tiny little belly. We went out for sushi on Finn's birthday and I think Oisín ate more than anyone else at the table and then came home for an entire slice of cake and an apple (since I wouldn't let him have seconds on cake). He's generally a pretty happy go lucky kind of guy, but I know he's been getting frustrated lately with not being able to communicate his thoughts. His words include: Mama, Dada, Brenna, more, apple (bapple), bus, dump truck (which sounds like dada but gruntier) and a handful of sound effects he makes to convey train, horse and any animal that growls. His signs include: Please, thank you, more and help. He's working on fine motor skills with his fork at meals, and really prefers it over using his fingers since he doesn't like to touch certain textures (bananas? Eeww, slimy). I hear him crying out at night more often than I would like, but it's usually just once or twice and I'm not even sure he's awake when it happens. Nightmares maybe? The few days of spring we've experienced have had a major impact on his little world, and being outside, being free, has brought sheer joy and delight. He'd stay outside all the time if I let him and shrieks with despair when it's time to come back in. He has a really cute tantrum move now which involves deliberately laying down on the floor, a belly flop of sorts that I probably shouldn't think is cute because I don't want to encourage such things, but it's adorable in it's own way and I know it will pass.

Micah's 11th birthday is this coming weekend, Brendan's is in a few short weeks and now that it's finally April you know who else will be having a birthday soon too, right? Saoirse was so excited this morning when I told her it was April 1st. "MOM, does that mean we're having the baby today?!!!!", she asked with a thrill in her voice. She couldn't hide the undeniable disappointment when I shook my head no. "Well, does it at least mean today is Easter?", staring up at me with her big blue eyes. No, not yet love, but just you wait, soon so so soon, the blink of an eye really.

Nuala, bless her little heart, asked if she could help me with Project Life and so she started this mini-album over the weekend. She also got three new Just Grace books from the library.

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