Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project Life

I got the best surprise snail mail last week from my dear friend Abbe, it was perfectly timed because I just happened to be having one of those crazy busy days when the rushing around feels impossible. I love the inscription because as I'm sure you've noticed, I have been on a total flower binge lately and there are blooms in vases scattered all around the house. The necklace came with me to traffic court and was the only bit of sunshine present there that day. Would you believe they didn't have my case on the docket and so I sat there for 3 hours waiting and waiting and WAITING. Thankfully Brendan took the morning off to stay home with Oisín (who I had originally just planned on taking with me) and was even able to run carpool since all the waiting meant I wasn't available to get the girls at 11:30am. And just in case anyone is wondering, this whole thing stemmed from expired plates and not some wild and crazy speeding violation or high speed chase or anything dramatic like that. Never again, NEVER AGAIN.

Last week was a doozy, with a couple of afternoons where we had to be in multiple places at once and were literally running from one thing to the next with very little breathing room in-between, thankfully B was able to take more time away from the office otherwise I have no idea how we would have managed. Even with the team effort, even with a divide and conquer approach, it was still rushed and hectic and exhausting and I'm grateful that this week is back to our normal pace of crazy. 

Saoirse is home sick with a fever that started on Sunday morning and is still running strong. I'm not one for calling on the doctor for every little thing, but her class had confirmed cases of scarlet fever last week and so B took off AGAIN yesterday to run her in for a strep culture (did you know scarlet fever is really just a glorified strand of strep?) because of course I had a prenatal appointment scheduled during the exact same time the doctor could see her and my appointment had already been cancelled and rescheduled from last week due to the craziness I already mentioned. As I was leaving the OB's office he said, "So, can I see you in one week?" and I told him I'd call him when I go into labor. 37 weeks this past Sunday with no signs of anything happening anytime soon. We compromised and agreed I'd come back prior to delivery. Saoirse came home with negative cultures and nothing more than a virus, but better safe than sorry.

Project Life has taken flight in full force around here this past week. I thought it would be an easy fool proof way to start scrapbooking. As usual I was wrong. It is a beast, a hairy hairy beast, but simply too beautiful to turn back from now, so I'll just learn to be a bit patient with the whole thing and enjoy it when time allows. I also swapped out lenses on my camera this weekend, dusting off the Tamron 24-70 2.8 to see what she can really do. Most of these pictures are from last week though and so they were taken with my favorite (as in the only thing I ever use) lens, which is a 35mm 1.4. I promised myself that I would try to break out of my "comfort zone" and keep the Tamron on my camera for one full week, which has already been hard to stick with since it only drops down to 2.8, and just a few hours ago as Oisín was taking his bath all I wanted to do was swap lenses (just this once, I told myself) but I fought the temptation and made do and reminded myself that he'd probably take another bath one day and so I wasn't going to miss out on a once in a lifetime shot. Right? I mean, really most of my photos lately are just duplicates of us doing the same things we always do over and over again. Jury is still out on the 24-70, I want to love it, I really do, but I haven't had enough hands on time with it yet to really know if it will be sticking around long term. 

In other photography news, there will soon be a newborn here and I have been looking at newborn photography for the last few weeks trying to get ideas for at least 3 or 4 different shots I want to attempt. With Oisín I was running around after he was born trying to gather "props" postpartum (why do you think he wound up in a basket we use as a trash can on his fifth day of life?~That sounds really bad, but it was a really cute picture……). Anyways, I already have a few blankets for texture and I even bought a new basket so things are coming together nicely but there is still work to be done. I'd really love to get some of that super fuzzy fur you see in a lot of newborn shots and perhaps a few more baskets. 

And at this very moment Oisín is napping, Saoirse is watching Totoro, everyone else is at school and I'm about to go dip into some more Project Life or eat a brownie. The little girls have pictures today at ballet and so I have to try and dig up some tights that don't have holes in them but otherwise it's a fairly low-key Tuesday and I'm totally fine with that!

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