Saturday, July 12, 2014

Forty Acres 2014

Last week I took the kids camping. Brendan had to work, and my three step kids were out east visiting family, so it was just me and seven kids venturing north. Luckily Jason and Rick met us up there otherwise I don't think we would have survived (or even gone at all). We only stayed for one overnight, and honestly that's about all I could manage with 7 kids in the woods with no electricity or running water, but it was refreshing to say the least and I'm glad we went. Poor Oisin was eaten alive by mosquitos and ran a fever the second day of the trip but he was a trooper the whole way through. I think we found about 100 wood ticks, 5 million skeeters and enough dirt to last a lifetime, but we also found the lake, FIRE and enough adventure to last us until the next time we go camping. Which for the record will be when Brendan can accompany us!

And it's crazy but in just a few short hours we went from the north woods….

To downtown Chicago….more on that next time.

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