Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aislinn At Two Months

Life with Aislinn at 2 months:
*She's 10lbs 14oz (34%) and 22 inches long (59%). She finally has chubby cheeks.
*She's outgrown the majority of her newborn clothing and is wearing 3 month onesies even if they are a tad big.
*She's in size 1 diapers, but is now chunky enough to fit into some of our cloth diapers and spent all day yesterday wearing fluff. We currently only have 11 diapers for her, but 6 more should arrive this week. She absolutely cannot stand having a dirty diaper and sounds the alarm instantly for a change.
*Her eyes are extremely blue, none of my kids with brown eyes ever had eyes that started this bright and blue so I'm convinced she'll follow after big sisters Ruari and Saoirse while my mom still thinks they will wind up turning brown.
*Nights are a dream. She is ready for bed by 9pm. I swaddle her, nurse her for a long stretch and lay her down in her Rock and Play no later than 10pm and she sleeps until 6am. Now obviously there are exceptions to this and I know it can change at any point, but for now this is her sleep pattern. 
*Her social interactions are beginning to blossom and after her first big breakfast of the day (an hour of nursing) she is all smiles to greet the day. I set her free from the swaddle as she reaches her arms up overhead and curls her back into an exaggerated stretch and her eyes light up while a giant smile spreads across her entire face. 
*Her favorite places to hang out are the swing, the bouncy seat and the little piano floor toy where she gets propped on a Boppy so that she can see the hanging mirror and unintentionally swat at the toys. 
*The Ergo baby carrier is proving invaluable once again, as it allows me to carry her hands free. I love having her close to me while still being able to get things done around the house. One night I wore her at the computer for over an hour while sifting through our photo library. 
*Her eyebrow furrow melts my heart.
*Time is flying by and I have no idea how my newborn baby is suddenly 2 months old already.

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