Saturday, November 1, 2014

Forget Me Not Friday

A couple of quick things I don't want to forget:
Sidhe asked for my rainbow cake for her birthday, minus the rainbow. She wanted an Orange cake and black frosting and I found some coloring gel in the cake aisle at Michaels that did just the trick, tasted delicious and turned all our teeth black. She is 17 now and suddenly seems so much older and mature. 

Oisin calls every birthday cake a "chalk (chocolate) milk cake", even if it's orange inside. He went trick or treating with us this year, but wound up sticking with Finn towards the end and was definitely the first one home. The girls let him load up on candy before the rest of us got back. It was cute to hear Finn tell the story later of how Oisin went up to each door saying "cheek, cheek", which of course was his way of saying trick or treat. Finn has been home the last two weekends and it's so nice having him here, we've adjusted to our new "nine child household" but he is greatly missed and so it's a treat to have a full house again.

Oscar is very taken with his Ojibwe language class at school. He comes home with new words nearly every day and seems to have an ear for it. His language teacher had nothing but nice things to say about him at conferences. He's also really going through a serious growth spurt with his piano lessons and while I still have to argue with him about practicing from time to time it's obvious that he enjoys it. Although, not nearly as much as Ruari, who LOVES to practice and would probably play all night if we let her. I'd really love to get them a real piano soon. 

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