Monday, November 10, 2014

Time's Up

The Quick List
1) Oisin fractured his collarbone last week. He fell out of bed Sunday night and went back to sleep just fine, but when he woke up Monday morning he was inconsolable. We weren't even sure where he was hurt since he refused to walk or use his right arm and even being carried seemed to bother him. At one point he was sitting on the couch and there were giant trucks in front of the house collecting leaf piles and he didn't want to run to the window to see them. RED FLAG right there. I was on the phone with the pediatrician the second they opened the phone line and luckily Brendan was able to take the morning off so we could all go together. I've taken both little ones to the doctor on my own plenty of times, but honestly I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own that day. Oisin was in so much pain and needed to be held and soothed the entire time, while Aislinn needed to nurse and be held and cuddled as well. I'm really grateful that Brendan has this type of flexibility in his work. And I feel so guilty that my little guy has to deal with a painful injury that could have been prevented. One of the first things we did after getting back from the doctor was to push his bunk bed up against the wall, add another safety rail and buy a giant body pillow to help cushion (wedge, stuff, immobilize) him safe and snug into his bed. The first few days were rough, he was still in a lot of pain and spent a lot of time keeping still. We see the doctor tomorrow for a re-check but I can already tell that he is healing up just fine on account of he is using his hand again, climbing down from the couch unassisted, sleeping on his belly and just now he ran to see a truck out the front window.

2) Nuala and Oscar turned 7 last week. I decided the night before their birthday that we should decorate Harry Potter style, after all this was the year of Hogwarts for them and they fell madly in love with the series. Pinterest is full of cool party ideas and decorations but you need time in order to pull most of them off and since I waited until the last minute, well….time is a luxury I didn't have. Luckily Maija helped me gather supplies from the dollar store and slap together a half-assed Harry Potter display so that when they woke up they were greeted with banners and candlelight. "Mom, there weren't golden snitches in the great hall". Eh, just go with it. Cass came over while they were at school to help put the finishing touches on everything and I never could have done it without her and at the end of the day they were thrilled with the details of their celebration, even if a couple of renegade snitches were on the loose. I have a separate birthday post in the works to talk about my sweet seven year old babes, who I just adore. They are so much fun and growing into the most interesting little people. As always, it's hard to believe that they are already another year older. 

3) There is more, so much more, but the baby is awake and Oisin is getting a bit rowdy. My time is up. Here's to a great week and fingers crossed that it's fracture free!

P.S. How on earth can the spell check on this thing not know what Pinterest is by now?

*Seriously, these cakes though. Oh my goodness. What in the world.*

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