Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's 12:35pm and so far today.....

I have already woken up to the alarming realization that Saoirse slept through her 4am feeding, in fact when this revelation occurred, it was already 6:22am and she was still sound asleep.

I have already gotten three small children dressed, combed, brushed and styled, replete with 6 miniature socks and 6 tiny shoes.

I have already changed 5 diapers.

I have already gotten all three babes in and out of their car seats 6 times.

I have already been on the treadmill, been in the swimming pool, completed 200 crunches, taken a shower and been to the grocery store.

I have already handled the lunch rush, started a load of laundry, taken 5 photos for a scavenger photo hunt (more to follow about this), charged my camera's battery, emptied the dishwasher, and left the bread dough to rise.

I have already discovered 11 hour old vomit on a blanket, stripped a crib of all it's bedding, noticed someone's booger wiped across a wall (no seriously, have I ever mentioned how gross kids are?) and washed all the kitchen surfaces.

I have already checked my email, my voicemail, my snail mail, my Facebook and Blogger. I have already returned 4 calls and have scheduled a phone conference with a lawyer from Marinette for this Thursday. Also, don't forget about the allergist, who can't see me until the 12th.

I have already uploaded 22 photos to my Photobucket account and they are awaiting some much needed editing.

I have already forgotten something, more than once, and have just about given up on the rest of my to do list for today. Who needs lists anyways? Here it is, early afternoon, the twins have finally murmured themselves to sleep (what were they talking about in there for so long?) and Saoirse is laying on her play mat beside me. I was actually nursing her for the majority of this post while typing one handed. So I guess, my final achievement for now, is that I have already multi-tasked circles around the procrastinator inside of me, she's still there though, just waiting for the perfect time to make her move, maybe not today, but soon!

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