Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok, so I have never been one to take pictures with cell phones, I'm fairly certain the reasons for this are somewhat obvious, but ever since Brendan got me an iPhone for my birthday I've been testing it out with interesting results. It does a pretty good job, all things considered....

So yeah, it's fun to take a few spur of the moment shots with the phone and while I definitely won't be trading in my Canon anytime soon, it is rather convenient to have a "camera" ready at all times. Yet the REAL heart of this story lies in the video......The camera aspect of the iPhone, well let's face it, I could take it or leave it. BUT the video camera has left me speechless.

Yeah, I know this clip isn't exactly the most interesting glimpse of our lives (and really who took that kid to the playground dressed like THAT?) but it's the only video I have taken with the phone so far and I happened upon it today for the first time. Momma's iMPRESSED to say the least!

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