Thursday, October 15, 2009


My cousin Yvonne got married at the beginning of this month. Here's a shot of her and Ryan and Sylvan during the ceremony. They found a lovely park to hold the three day event, just outside of the city, and it was simply beautiful.

Have I ever eluded to how insanely AWESOME my family is????
This quartet (if I may) played before and after the ceremony.

Any and all children were invited to walk down the wedding trail before the bridesmaids and groomsmen appeared.

And of course what would a wedding be without bubbles?

And JUST LOOK at this little boy (not one of mine, but I couldn't resist), have you ever in your whole life met anyone who loved bubbles more?

Maija and Sarah helped Nuala get into the swing of things....

Here's a lovely shot of my great uncle Franz and his love, Gail.

And a shot of my cousin Jerry with his wife Carly....(I have a funny story about this for later involving Nuala~I think she may have her very first "crush").

Part of the Milwaukee river flowed right through the park, like literally JUST behind where the ceremony took place, and Finn sat with Oscar for nearly 45 minutes just watching the water as it flowed along. I just love and ADORE their relationship, almost as much as I love and adore THEM!

Poor Oscar, shortly after this tranquil scene, he got stung by at least 3 bees. His hand swelled up but was better by the next morning.

Everyone had a wonderful time. There was a tent set up with gorgeous dinner tables, a lodge with a fire place for warming frosty fingers (remarkably, the weather held up quite well), a delicious dinner (yum to everything, best wedding food I've ever had, especially the spicy tofu) and dancing late into the night (we of course were gone long before this happened, but I heard the stories!). I am so excited for Yvonne, that she found a loving partner who she can trust and rely upon and share her life with. How lucky and amazing and beautiful is that?


abbe said...

beautiful pictures! finn and oscar look so sweet sitting by the river, glad you were able to capture that one.

Carly + Jerry + Two monkey-like cats said...

Ugh nice double chin carly. yuck! haha. Nuala totally is in love with my husband, but I can't really blame her. He is a hottie :)

I love your photos. Hope you guys are feeling better!!