Tuesday, October 27, 2009


On Friday we celebrated Sidhe's 12th birthday. She invited her friend Morgan over for a slumber party and we had a big pasta dinner complete with homemade bread and a 4 layer chocolate cake. There were presents and wishes and a mandatory wrapping paper battle after which the girls stayed up late into the night whispering the secrets of middle schoolers heard round the world.

Seeing as how I am Sidhe's step mom, I wasn't there during her early early years. I never got to see her chubby baby cheeks or chase her around as a toddler, or see how she explored the unknown when everything was still incredibly fresh and new. When Sidhe and I first met she was already 4 years old and starting school. I knew her as Maija's scrappy, adventurous and daring new best friend. I would often encounter them together during school hours getting into mischief and giggles. I remember being so happy that Maija had found a close friend at her new school.

Sidhe has really impressed me over the years, but never so much as during the past year or so. This child, this little girl, has truly grown so much recently, and while I may have missed out on many important moments in her life, there have been so many more since then that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. She is smart and funny and compassionate and caring. Her self esteem has gained momentum over the years, making it easier and easier for her to trust the world around her, to take chances, to be vulnerable and most importantly, to show people how much she cares about them. I've known Sidhe for 8 years now and have been helping to raise her for 5 of them. I am excited to see how the next 55 years unfold. She truly is a gift.














I would just like to mention how amazing it is to see Sidhe with her siblings, ALL of them, especially her sisters. They are going to have amazing stories to share with the world and with each other. I feel as if they have been given a wonderful gift to enjoy and cherish and nurture together. And I of course have been given an even greater gift because I get to be a part of it all.


(Sooooo glad we got a new camera!!!)

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