Friday, November 6, 2009

It's A Twin "Thing"

Sometimes our days are so full, so busy, so hectic, that I forget to pay attention to the little things and I forget to notice what really matters. Sometimes I wonder if our twins have a "close enough" bond, a special twin "thing" and sometimes I question this.....

Sometimes I forget to look at what is right in front of me, to see the obvious.

They truly love each other.

They take care of one another.

They tell hilarious jokes together.

They make new discoveries side by side.
Obviously this 7 minute photo shoot was simply a brief glimpse into their lives, into their "twinness", but I believe that it is a fairly accurate account of who and what they are all about (formal wear aside).

Now on to the important stuff, like CAKE!!!! I made a traditional triple layer for the rest of the family and cute little heart cakes for Nuala and Oscar.

Oscar was unimpressed with our vocals.....

Nuala on the other hand understood EXACTLY what the cake meant.

And this, THIS, is a fairly accurate look at the bigger picture....

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