Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Season

Tis The Season (you know).
Last year since we did such a disgraceful job of decorating for the holiday we decided to work overtime this year in an attempt to make up for it. As soon as we packed up our Thanksgiving feast we trudged out to the tree lot and brought home a beautiful Douglas Fir, and ever since then, this is pretty much what our evenings have looked like.....

Oh, and this is why you haven't heard from us in ages and ages. Knitting. This happens to be my first (and quite possibly last) stab at a sweater.

Ruari is obsessed with the countdown and is in charge of changing the number each day.
I for one am SUPER excited about this holiday season and can't wait for the finishing touch to our decor:

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lori said...

love your blog! i found you while reading a thread from the 6/09 bbc board. i am not a member (have an 11/08 and a 1/06 baby), but have been sucked into the drama of fake baby asher like everyone else on bbc. anyhoo, i'm glad that while i was reading all about that hideousness that i found your blog. what a beautiful family you have!