Friday, February 19, 2010

Be Mine

This picture makes me smile every single time I see it. On Valentine's day as we were all sitting around the table eating our goodies, Saoirse was completely content munching on the plastic high chair buckle.

We had a wonderful evening with our homemade heart shaped pizzas and this cute little cake.


Ruari and I also made these simple "candies"....

But, honestly, it was all about the cake.

After the pizza that is.

The twins have a new favorite: The pale green pants, remember? The ones with nobody inside them? The Lorax is also high on the list right now as well.


Tullamore Drea said...

the cake looks so delicious :)

Marie said...

My goodness, Sam, your kids are soo adorable!!! You guys always look like you have such fun! I love all the activities you do with the kids and how you make them feel so special! Love the individual pizzas! :)