Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Emily

Dear Emily,
You have inspired me in so many ways over the years. I think your blog was one of the first blogs I ever read, long before I ever started one of my own, long before our November babies became toddlers, long before the Idea Room and Ravelry and French Press Knits. Long before the implications of the blog-sphere had ever creeped into my life, into my home, I stumbled upon your Little World and have been enjoying it ever since, and it goes without saying that finding this in my mailbox was a wonderful surprise!

A few weeks back I was having one of those excruciatingly difficult parenting days. Like a REALLY bad one, the sort that thankfully only comes along once or twice a year but literally knocks the wind right out of you and leaves you mentally and emotionally drained for a couple of days (anyone with teenagers knows what I'm talking about). Anyways, in the middle of all this I happened upon a lovely piece of snail mail. The best part was that I had already checked the mailbox earlier in the day to find nothing of particular interest because as it turned out Finn had brought the mail in and had then put my mail into my mail drawer (he's very thorough) without me knowing. SO, as I opened up my drawer to grab a piece of paper I was definitely NOT expecting to find a hidden treasure inside.......

Aren't these little hair clips just beautiful? Wouldn't finding these in your mailbox make even the worst of days seem a little brighter? I've come to realize that one of the most important things in life could very well be timing, and if there were ever a time that I needed to find a little treasure it was the day that these beauties arrived.

Thank you.

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Emily S. said...

Samantha, I am so happy that my tardy gift to you (remember how I mentioned maybe sending you a treat back in December??) was actually perfectly timed to lift your heart on a gloomy day/week. Must be bigger forces directing us, right? :) You are always a bright spot in my blog life when I see you comment, and I love that you've been with me for so long. Peace to you, and may the winter funk we're both in get over with SOON!!! Hugs to you!