Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I know this is supposed to be a blog about kids.
It's probably safe to assume that you guys come here to check in on what all the niblets are up to.
I get it.
I understand.

But, and you'll have to bear with me on this, I have caught the craft bug and it is proving hard to shake. So for the time being you might just have to put up with a couple of crafty posts.

I mean, at least I'm back, right? (insert winky smily face here)........

And with that said, this will be the last craft reveal for a while, I'll get it all out of my system and get back to our regularly scheduled programing.

I think it is safe to say that my knitting has really taken off over the past few months. I've gone from digging through the acrylic bins at JoAnns to being on a first name basis with the owner of my favorite yarn shop. I joined not one but TWO knitting circles (thanks to Brendan for making this possible). I'm beginning to read charts and patterns that up until recently would have intimidated to yarn right off of my needles. And I am getting organized.

Here's what every knitter on the go needs: a binder.

To house all of your cute post it's and assorted 'notation' gear. I even put a mini calendar in mine so that I could keep track of project timelines.

The real bulk of the binder belongs to all of your patterns though.

The binder, which serves to house all of these useful tools, needs a house all of it's own however, and although I've been using whatever empty canvas bag I could find, I thought that maybe my knitting deserved a special sac to call home. So I set down the needles and brought out the sewing machine and with some clearance bin cloth I made my very own carry all. I am no seamstress, and I didn't have a pattern or any real direction, but I am very happy with my creation. I'm sure I made more than a few mistakes and certainly didn't work as effectively as I could have but it was still a fun challenge and I don't think anyone is going to be inspecting my work up close.

See the cute little needle pocket?

Brendan said to me as I was showing off my work, "I am always so amazed by all the cool stuff you can make even when you have no idea what you are doing", which I of course took as a compliment.

So there you have it, my last big craft post for a while. More kids coming your way soon. There is so much to update. Nuala is sick, like really sick, and we're going to the dr. today. Her fever started last Friday and was up to 104.8 by Saturday. I paged the dr. twice over the weekend, which is something I NEVR do, and have already spoke with the triage nurses twice this week. It's no good.

The saving grace through it all has been that no one else seems to have caught whatever she has, but you know how that goes around here......

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Katja Evans said...

Love the bags! I'd love to know about some good knitting/crafts blogs. I joined Ravelry and we're killing our tv next week so hopefully that will give me some more time to learn/practice.