Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday afternoon Nuala was the first to wake up from naptime (don't even get me started on how lucky I am that I can get all 3 to synchro-nap most days). They usually wake up within minutes of one another, but not yesterday which meant that little Blossom and I had some quality time together. Just the two of us.

I really do love having a large family, but man oh man, getting some "alone" time is a special treat that I am seriously addicted to.

I love watching my kids as a part of their large family, the way they interact and fit together, the way they flow on good days and collide on the other not as good days. Yet watching them alone, apart from the herd, is a different type of poetry, and it is beautiful.

And really, who wouldn't want to bring out the mixer and throw together a few pies?

There wasn't a single complaint out of this one.

And after a long couple of weeks here, it felt wonderful to just relax and enjoy the moment. It was exactly what this mama bear needed, the other side of the rainbow if you will.

I found it, if just briefly, in my very own kitchen. And there was pie.

And perhaps the cutest little Pumpkin Blossom you ever did see.

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