Thursday, March 3, 2011

Left Overs

Three little bellies full of lunch and here's what is left over.

Here are a few of my left overs....

*I call Maija "My". Micah started this when he was teeny tiny. It stuck and I like it. A lot.

*Oscar likes tags. I made him a tag blankie from scratch when he was a baby, it's cute and fuzzy, has a lot of colorful tags (folded ribbons) sewn into it. He doesn't like it at all. He really likes tags put on in factories, especially if they have wash instructions on them. He has started memorizing which of his shirts have tags on the side seam, the tags are low enough that he can reach them whenever he needs to. He likes to hold them and doesn't seem to mind if his shirt flips up a tad or if his belly shows a little. This tag business started with 5 store bought baby blankets. He rubbed one of the tags between his fingers for so long that the tag fell off. He no longer has any interest in the tagless blanket. There are still 4 acceptable blankets left and he wants to sleep with at least two of them. He's not partial to any of them, just wants one for each hand. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

*Micah has the longest school day of anyone here. He's out the door by 6:40am and he doesn't get home until 4pm. I don't have time to contemplate Oscar's obsession with tags because most of my "auxiliary" worry time is spent wondering about my 7 year old's nine and a half hour school day.

*Ruari is switching schools next year, she'll be going to the middle school that Finn, Sidhe and Maija have all attended. I'm sick to my stomach though about the budget cuts that our schools are going to be facing as I'm not sure that they have much left to give and it makes me sick. Sick and angry. Education should be one of our top priorities.

*I shot all my pictures today in RAW. Supposedly it makes post editing a lot easier. And it did, but Photobucket didn't like it and got a bit snotty with me after I had already done all the extra work and now the images don't even look remotely close to how they were supposed to. Plus I remembered that I don't even like post editing, because I simply don't have the time for it. And now I've spent way TOO long editing photos that look worse than they did originally, if that makes any sense. Grrrrrr.

*Finn's Spanish teacher is giving him a C. Finn has earned A's in all his other classes so far. I'm not sure what he's earning in Spanish but I do believe that she is giving him a C. That's not really fair if it's not what he has earned. Double Grrrrrr.

*I'm thinking about doing a half marathon on April 9th, but my ankle is still healing and there won't be a lot of time to train for it. I know in my head that it's a ridiculous, preposterous, silly idea but it's there in my heart anyways.

*Juggling. Still doing it, still lousy at it, hopeful that I'll get better at it soon.


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