Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Time For

Play Group started yesterday with a casual open house. We've been going ever since the twins were one and Saoirse was just a few months old. The twins actually graduated from Play Group last spring, since they were going to start K-4 this fall, but then we decided to keep them at their Montessori school for another year (more on that later) and so they got to come along with me and Saoirse.

Which was great because they always have a fun time there.

And would you just look at this guy...
Even a month ago he had very little interest for work like this.

But yesterday he sat for nearly 20 minutes at the art table cutting out hand prints for his frog's feet.

Oh and trust me, it was WORK.

Who needs pinkies anyways? Totally overrated. I was so proud of him for seeing it through, might not seem like a big deal but it was a grand victory.

After play group we zipped straight over to their school and then I came home to a tomato project that wound up being a little bit more than I had anticipated. Luckily World's Greatest took a half day to oversee it and I was meerly a line cook.

Still, I couldn't believe that after 5 hours of grueling labor we only had 7 jars of sauce to show for it all. When feeding a family of 10, that's not a lot of sauce. Sheesh.

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