Thursday, December 27, 2012

And All Through The House

Not a creature was stirring.

Not even a baby.

Look at what Santa brought us this year. The most beautiful gift imaginable....

This baby boy. This child. This love.

This family is more precious and amazing than all of the toys and all of the stockings and all of the gifts in all of the land. This is our gift. Merry Christmas 2012.

Ruari and Micah made these lovely hand crafted gifts for Oisín.

Sidhe was Maija's Secret Santa this year and made her this awesome apron~Maija was so excited.

We hosted Christmas Eve with my family.

Rick totally won the sweater award.

Never before seen footage of the basement play room....

We kicked off the season at the Farm with an early celebration since Mike and LaVrene spent the holiday in France this year.

I hope your celebrations were filled with friends, family, love and merriment. Here's to a peaceful New Year.

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