Monday, June 9, 2014

Catch Up Part One

And here we are two months later. The kitchen sink is always full of dishes, the laundry room is a mountain of dirty linens, the breakfast crumbs are swept up and then instantly the lunch crumbs come calling and we still have EASTER decorations out. White bunnies are cute though, right? Either way, none of that really matters because life goes on, sticky floors and all, and we are adjusting. Some days I feel like a professional and other days I am left wondering who the heck put me in charge. There are victories and there are defeats, big shiny moments and small dark downpours and thankfully chances to try again. There is no such thing as perfection, but there is the motivation and desire to keep trying again and again to be the mother that they deserve and to create the life we dreamed of all those years ago. One day, one moment at a time. And if that means bunnies in the living room well into the month of June, so be it.

I have 70 more pictures exported and ready to post tomorrow and that will pretty much have us all caught up. There has been so much going on around here this spring and so many reasons to celebrate.