Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transitioning Into Summer

It's 9:14am and 5 kids are still asleep. Oscar is stretched out in the sunroom, Oisín is eating my breakfast, Nuala is reading out loud to Fozzie on the porch (The Fellowship Of The Ring) and I have to leave in 3 minutes to go pick up Maija from driver's ed. Luckily she's been around long enough to know that I'm usually running a bit behind schedule. Summer is here and I'm feeling slightly underprepared. It's safe to say that we're making a gradual transition as we try to figure out the new daily flow. I have to admit that I'm beginning to feel like maybe, just maybe, I should have planned ahead a little bit. Just a smidgen. 

Blogger wanted to do something crazy with the colors on a bunch of these and I was too tired to argue.


Special K said...

Great pictures as always. Last year summer took me by surprise, so I was more proactive this year. We are all still adjusting, but at least I had our calendar full of things to do and playdates before the last day of school. I won't however, tell you how long it took to find a home for all of that lovely stuff that comes home the last week!

Samantha of the Ojibirish11 said...

Thanks! :-) and are you implying we were supposed to put all that stuff away some where?!