Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boo Ogah

Dear Mom, thank you for giving Oisin and I a room together. Oisin sometimes is really funny in the middle of the night. He says, "boo Ogah", meaning he wants me to peek out from the tiny mountain of stuffed animals hiding me from him. Love, Oscar.

 The little girls finally moved upstairs to Finn's old room and so Oisin moved in with Oscar, and really Aislinn sleeps with them too, in her Rock-N-Play, but not until they're already asleep. Sometimes I feel guilty about so many kids sharing rooms, but this little letter reminded me that it's all ok. Better than ok.

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Special K said...

awesome. I was just rearranging 300 stuffs back on my 10 year olds bed after washing the bedding thinking I should blog their rooms so they remember. My girls share but they don't really think of it as sharing yet. Venice thinks "I sleep in a crib in Sylvie's room."