Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dust. Dust. Dust.
There is dust everywhere.
There is dust under my couch. There is dust on the mantle. There is dust on the picture frames and dust on the lamp shades and dust on the computer and even just some nice free floating dust dancing around the living room. I can see it peeking out at me from the corners of our home, in the streams of sunlight coming in through the windows and sometimes I can even see it when I close my eyes. 
There is dust everywhere and I am trying really hard to not let it bother me.
Because let's face it, I don't have much of a choice at this point. 
There is simply too much to be grateful for.
To be joyous over.
To smile about.
I am not going to let a little dust rain on this parade.
No sir. Not me.

(but.....if someone could please send for the maid, it wouldn't hurt)

I have been trying to write out our birth story for nearly 2 weeks now, and today is still not the day for it. We've reached the LAST day of school here and I am working on chocolate chip zucchini bread for our teachers, which would seem easy enough, except that we have about one hundred teachers to thank and so our oven is working overtime. 
I have so much to catch up on though, so many stories and glimpses to share from our first two weeks together as a family of ten, but I just don't have the time yet. 

I will say this: One baby is sooooo much easier than two babies. I am absolutely amazed by how much easier these first few days have been with Saoirse than the early days we spent with newborn twins. However, even one baby is still a lot of work, demanding in a physical way that I somehow managed to forget about. She is an incredible night sleeper, ever since my last post she has been averaging 6-7 straight hours at night, and I almost worry that maybe I should be waking her up! I mean, I know better, but still......SEVEN HOURS?!? 

Of course the trade off is that then she needs to power nurse her way through the afternoon and evening hours and I mean POWER nurse. Last night I nursed her for what felt like 4 straight hours, but it was worth it in the long run when she slept from 11-5am. 
Totally worth it.

I think today we're going to work on a family picture, but for now check out my little Calvin Klein models:

I even tried to get them in a few shots together, just ask any twin toddler mom how easy this is, or just see for yourselves....

Money saving tip #33
Instead of spending way too much on summer PJ's, invest in thin cotton onesies. The Carter's pajamas I was looking at were $15/2 pack. These onesies were $9/5 pack. Not on my best math game right now, but the savings were upwards of $60 for 10 pairs of PJ's. Am I even making sense?

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