Monday, June 1, 2009

June First

Look! LOOK! Look.....
It's here, it's really HERE!!!!

I am so excited to have finally reached June....
Unfortunately, nobody remembered to cue up June8ug's arrival play list or roll out the red carpet to Labor and Delivery. I DID however pack a suitcase over the weekend, so perhaps we are one step closer to actually meeting face to face. I had my 40 week appointment today and learned that I am only 1 cm dilated, which for the record means absolutely nothing, and so I am trying really hard to not let it affect my morale. This waiting, this period of not knowing, this stretch of time that feels like it could very well last forever, well it won't. I need to take advantage of these last few nights, these last few moments of equilibrium, to prepare, to enjoy and most of all to rest.
I continue to sleep very peacefully at night.

There was a part of me that felt sort of like this:

Once I realized that June 1st would not in fact be June8ug's birthday. 
I suppose there is always June 2nd.....?
This could be a very long week folks.
Oh, and I know what you're thinking, OBVIOUSLY June8ug's birthday will be the 8th, right? I mean, it makes sense and would certainly be poetic.
There's just one small problem, it would require me to remain pregnant for another 6 whole days!

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had a view like that from our living room! :)