Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going Digital

Look. Look. Look.

One of Saoirse's first "real" smiles, and I captured it quite by accident, or simply sheer luck, on film. Well not exactly on film, but close enough. And I only had to take about 34 photos of her in the bathtub (again) to get this ONE, but that's the beauty of going digital, right?


Kadonkadonk said...


diane said...

Sam, a belated congrats, I have been dealing with a different world, I apologize. You were born to be mom in every best sense. Congrats to Brendan, who is, above all, a wonderfully supportive husband, emotionally and intellectually. A special shout-out goes to the rebel Micah. Keep on keeping on an amazing clan.

Emma in Canada said...

Came across you on babycenter and I just had to take a moment to comment, as I have a Saoirse too. Boy, there's a lot of them now! Your Saoirse is quite lovely!