Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back In The Stitch Of Things

After Saoirse was born, but before we even named her, let alone announced her name to others, a friend of ours bought her a beautiful hand knit cap as a "welcome to the world sweet little one" gift. It is the cutest thing ever and just so happens to also be a strawberry, how perfect is that?

For weeks now I have been admiring the hat and counting down the days until cooler weather and autumn evenings make it possible for Saoirse to wear this little berry on her cute little head. For weeks now I have also been wondering if I could duplicate the hat on my own.

I must admit that it felt wonderful to get my yarn out of storage and cast on again....
I started with a watermelon for Nuala and am working on a lemon~lime for Oscar
Both need some improvements and I am learning as I go, but I cannot emphasize enough how good it feels to be making something crafty once again, even if it is just a knock off of someone else's work. It still feels like something special that is helping to feed my spirit and fuel my creative spark. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Mary. This one little strawberry hat has done so much more than just welcome our newest little fashion berry, it has invited yarn and crafties and creativity and imagination back into my life.

As usual, I appear to be the only one truly thrilled by it all.
(Don't worry, she's smiling on the inside. I think.)

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