Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Glance

Oscar seems to be our accident prone child. His new nick name is "bumble bee", but he takes each trip and scraped knee in stride and hopefully will not require another trip to the ER for some time. He is giggly now and telling jokes, secret jokes that I, for the most part, cannot understand. He can usually get Nuala in on them and they are spending more time "frolicking" than even before, which is a real treat to watch. His new favorite phrases are "thank you" and "why?". He still cries a lot during transitions into his crib and has a strange obsession with being covered up with his blanket, even on nights when it is much too warm for covers. For a while it had to be me to do the covering, so if Brendan came to collect his hug after I had already tucked Oscar in it presented a problem. He seems to be over it and has moved on to the tag on his blanket. He wants to hold it and suck on it, so when you tuck him in make sure the tag side is up by his head.

Nuala, while not nearly as accident prone, is no stranger to scraped knees and stubbed toes. She is just as sweet as ever, but remains firm in her independence, preferring to read her books alone while keeping an eye on the inner workings of our family. She is very interested in people and even from a quiet corner of the living room seems to have her watchful eyes keeping tabs on everyone. This past Saturday we took a trip to the Zoo and went on the train ride there. Nuala shared a car with me and Saoirse and Ruari. As we sat there waiting for the train to pull out of the station she suddenly panicked, stood straight up and began yelling for her brother. "Oski. Oski. Oski. Oski!!!!" she shouted while looking at me with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Once she realized he was safe in the car behind us she settled down, but it was still sweet to see, I've never really noticed any separation anxiety, probably because they're never actually separate from each other. She is having more nightmares lately and wakes up with a scream, drenched in sweat. I wonder what she's dreaming about?

Both of them have experienced an explosion of language in the past 3 weeks, and have new words every single day. Not only will they repeat just about anything you offer them, they are beginning to formulate words independently to convey specific ideas. Putting together words to ask for things and to share thoughts. It is amazing how much language can transform our relationships. They also both still enjoy pooping in the bath tub, which as you know is not good for anyone involved....and they wonder why bath nights are few and far between!

There's a quick glance at what is going on right now, right this second today in the development of our twins. They are changing so fast right now it is incredible to watch them, to see them blooming up close.

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