Thursday, July 7, 2011

Super Readers

Micah signed up for the summer Super Reader program today and then spent the next 3 hours with his nose in a book.

I'm cool with it.

We ventured to the downtown library which is just gorgeous (we're talking take your breath away type of beautiful) and the kids settled in to enjoy the children's section.

Saoirse spent no less than 10 minutes sitting in this exact spot reading to herself and somewhere at about the 8 minute mark she giggled very softly and murmured to herself. Stopped looking serious for a moment and shared with us the joke she had discovered within the pages of her carefully selected Dora paperback. It was priceless.

And then she resumed her studies. Studying is not to be taken lightly at the library, oh no siree.

The twins on the other hand were the rabble rousers of the group and opted for the train table instead which naturally lead to the click clacking of wooden engines and the handful of squabbles over who was the true train yard master. Saoirse would peer over her should from time to time with a disapproving look as if to shush them.

Nuala decided to let Oscar have control of the rails in the long run.

And here in the land of a million books, in a marble palace of delight and splendor.....

She dove right into the classics. A million choices and yet somehow I wound up reading (and let's use the loosest definition here shall we, because I could barely bring myself to paraphrase this awful First Reader) Scooby Dooby Doo. The horror.

We had a great adventure though and I was reminded that we need to get to the library more often.

Which shouldn't be a problem with all these little Super Readers running about.

Remember when I told you that Nuala is a bug girl?

This morning I dressed her up for a bit of a "staged" photo session, as staged as they get around here anyways (meaning I did her hair, choose a specific outfit, threw in a necklace just for fun and even wiped any left over breakfast from her cheeks) and we hit the back deck for some great morning light.

Within 2 minutes she spotted a beetle cruising along below her bare toes and of course the "session" came to a complete stop.

Which truth be told was perfectly fine with the both of us. I much prefer capturing a story anyways.

And this little bug collector has lots of stories to share.

Today's story ended in tragedy when the beetle decided that he'd had enough and summoned all his strength to half jump half fly right over the patio ledge. As you can see, Nuala had some fairly strong feelings about his hasty departure.

Not even the idea of watermelon could cheer her up.

*Totally random moment here: Dear Ruari, your plants are thriving. We miss you. Come home soon!*

AND what about the boys you ask?

Oscar sure is happy to have one of his brothers home.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that perhaps he did miss Micah just a little bit after all. Sisters are wonderful but there is something special about brothers I tell you.

We're heading to a nearby beach again tomorrow morning and I still have to pack our bags. Hopefully I'll take a picture or two of what the day has in store for us....

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Mrs. Wilson said...

Sam I love your photos and I love that purple dress! Pretty Mama! You are such a blessed mom and you have a beautiful family.