Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Good Life

Our trip to the lake was quite possibly my favorite day of summer so far, and I'm not big on playing favorites (yeah right, I'm always asking the kids what their favorite anything is~ice cream flavor, moment of the day, book chapter, you get the idea) but the summer has been going by so fast and I want to try and enjoy it all so much that it would be nearly impossible to pick a favorite adventure out of the mix. So I won't.

But if I had to, then this day trip to the lake would be in close competition for taking the cake. I'm not sure what it was, or what happened to make this day in particular so special, but I know by now that it's best not to argue or second guess these things. It was just one of those days. One of those shiny good life days when everything is especially sparkly and you wind up hitching a ride on cloud nine all day. No need to argue, just hop on the darn cloud and enjoy the floating.

It turns out that the lake is about 1000 times cooler than the pool. It didn't have sprinklers or twisty slides or diving boards, but the kids were still thrilled. Turns out the lake has something even better~Fish.

And Miss Thrill Seeker herself was very intent upon catching and keeping close watch over them along the sandy shoreline.

Even the ones who no longer required such close supervision.

I tried, I really did. There were lots of little talks about maybe not getting too friendly with her half fish body buddy. Reminders. Knowing looks. Maybe even a scolding growl or two (half heartedly of course).

She was just too fascinated though and in the end her curiosity won.

Curiosity and hand sanitizer go really well together.

It was a beautiful day for our sandy adventure and I think we all needed a bit of what the beach was offering up that day, a calming sense of peace that smoothed over the rough bits and left us all feeling rather refreshed.

Even the cool teenager who spent a lot of the day in the sun with a book and an iPod agreed that it was a wonderful day.

And what better way to follow up an amazing day at the beach than getting dolled up for a dinner date with the Mr.....

Dinner was delicious.

But the pie, oh the pistachio pie.....Yes. It was a very good day in this good life of ours.

A few days later I got a chance to sneak away with Maija and Micah to brave the rides at Six Flags.

It was everything I knew it would be and maybe even a little bit more.

I didn't bring along the big camera, just my teeny tiny point and shoot but we still took lots of pictures.

These water rides are SCARY. I went on this one and nearly broke my elbow (I'm getting too old for this type of fun) but Micah loved this slide and didn't mind going alone.

By the end of the day we were seriously tired out but in a good way of course. Good and goofy.

Oh and it turns out that the Cheese Castle is now an actual castle. I was sort of sad about this and felt nostalgic for the days when it was just a shed attached to another shed with yet another shed out back.

We're going back to the lake tomorrow and more importantly Finn, Sidhe and Ruari are coming home! They've been gone for 3 weeks now and it's beginning to feel like forever, we're all excited to welcome them back into the fold. It's nice to have a vacation, but it's also nice to get back to normal and "normal" around here means having all 10 of us together under one roof.

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