Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun Police

Well, I know we just did the whole beach thing yesterday, but that was really just a warm up for today.....

The babies and I set off for the lake early this morning.

Too much fun for Saoirse, poor thing is a burned tomato tonight.

The good news is that today they actually got to play in the water. Did I mention at the quarry they had park rangers patrolling the shoreline making sure no one got wet or had fun? Something about not having a lifeguard on duty until next weekend, which is pretty standard, but come on! There were like 5 of those rangers watching us making sure we didn't get wet, not even a toe, couldn't one of them have set down the bullhorn and picked up a whistle and some shorts instead? I mean, what little kid doesn't want to do THIS at the beach?

So to make up for yesterday (I think Nuala was a little bit traumatized by the fun police) we spent the entire day playing IN the water.

I only had my cell phone, so the pictures aren't that special, but I did take a ton of video.
Look at how foggy it got by early afternoon....

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Anonymous said...

Nuala is such a gorgeous girl; LOVE the first photo of her!