Friday, September 20, 2013

359 Days Old

In less than one week Oisín is going to celebrate his first birthday. I can't believe how fast this first year has flown by and just how much he has changed in such a short amount of time. 

I've been slacking lately on the updates, so I thought I'd take a minute to just jot down a few notes about this little guy and who he is right now because I know he's just going to keep trucking right along and will be totally different once again a year from now, heck, even a month from now!

So, Oisín at 11+ months:
*Has finally been night weaned and is adjusting really well. Last night he went to bed at 8pm and I didn't hear him until around 5:30am and even then he didn't cry or fuss just hung out in his little crib for a while until I went and got him at around 6am! 

*He sleeps in the living room (gasp!). Don't judge, it's just the way it is right now. He has a crib in our room and that is where he usually gets laid down at bedtime (and is where he takes all his naps) but every night I transfer him to his crib in the living room at around 9 or 10pm. We do have a craft room upstairs which will eventually have to be converted into an actual bedroom, but for now this is just what works for us. And you know what they say about that, right?

*He's a belly sleeper 110% and usually grumbles about bedtime and nap time, but doesn't complain for too long and quickly scrunches up onto his belly with his little butt in the air and settles right in to sleep. Despite me buying him a variety of sleep lovies, soft bunnies, plush blankies, etc, he has no interest in any of them and has not attached to an object in any way. Baby Beluga is his favorite song. He takes two naps a day, the morning nap is his long one and now with the other kids in school it is my window of opportunity during the day to carve out some space for myself.

*He isn't much of a cuddle bug. I'm lucky he's still nursing so I get plenty of chances to snuggle him while he nurses, but otherwise he's on the go.

*There are 16 teeth in his little mouth now. SIXTEEN. Enough said.

*While I was very slow to start with solids, we are way past that tentative stage. He is pretty much offered anything that we are eating and has a very healthy appetite.

*It's breast milk or water around here for him and he still has trouble with his cup (probably because I don't offer it enough?) I just found out he loves drinking from a straw.

*Words of choice are only "Dog" (daw) and "MaMa", everything else is conveyed with lots of enthusiastic pointing, gesturing and yelling followed by lots of smiling and giggling when he realizes he's gotten his point across. He can sign "more", but it's rather begrudgingly. 

*No walking yet, he can stand unassisted and walk with the Little Tikes grocery cart, but is just not the slightest bit interested in trying it solo. I'm totally fine with this!

*Instead he speed crawls everywhere. It is the cutest thing to hear, the thwack-thwacking of his knees and hands as he pitter patters around the house, especially in speed mode.

*He just started giving kisses. And sticks his lower lip out quite intentionally before leaning in to plant one on ya.

*ADORES his older brothers and sisters, every single one of them. He seriously thinks they are the coolest ever. Even cooler than the cat. Although sometimes Saoirse wants to hug him a little bit too much and he gets sort of nervous about this. She loves him, but I think it has been hard on her to relinquish her role as the baby of the family. Not too hard though and luckily she has the twins just ahead of her who she is always trying to catch up with.

*Hmmmmm, what else? His hair is turning light light brown. He loves being outside and usually asks to go outside before he even has breakfast. He's wild in the bath but hates getting his hair washed. If you accidentally leave the bathroom door open he can tell from 2 rooms away and makes a beeline. He loves to stand next to the tub and push all the shampoo bottles over the edge. Still in cloth diapers. Still just as adorable as ever. Still loved more and more each day.

I can't wait to bake this little boy a big birthday cake and continue to watch him grow and learn and shine!

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Special K said...

Super adorable. He's got his own look. So amazing each child fits into our lives leaving you wondering, what would we do without you? Happy Birthday Oisin!!!!!