Thursday, September 12, 2013


Summer is nearly over, the school year has begun and vacation is a thing of the past. 
Nuala decided that it was also time to let go of her long long hair.

She requested a mo-hawk but then changed her mind at the last minute and opted for a short pixie style instead.

Talk about a change!

Then it was straight upstairs to get her ears pierced.

Of course you know me, I can never leave well enough alone and a few days later my friend Ashley came over to help tidy things up a bit. She's an amazing stylist who used to work at Stellas.

But Nuala can't have all the fun!
Ruari has gotten the color bug and added some highlights which have since been turned blue.

And Sidhe went shorter as well (prior to Nuala might I add).
Plus, Maija just informed me that she wants a cut now too, as do Saoirse and Oscar. Nuala has been flaunting the fact that brushing her new hair is a total breeze and I think the idea of no more snarls is appealing to them both.

So, yep, there you have it. All up to date on the current status of the hair in our household.

The house is quiet right now, with everyone at school and the baby fast asleep. It's been a rough start to the year as poor Saoirse has already transferred schools twice and we're not even done with the second full week of the school year. And so I've been spending every waking moment obsessing over our choices and feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Could someone please snap me out of it. Shed a little light. Add a pinch of perspective....

*Right after I wrote this post the phone rang and it was my mom calling to tell me that there were 12 shots fired outside of her house last night and a young man was gunned down in her front yard. My brother was the first on the scene and applied pressure to the wound while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. He held his hand and told him he was sorry. This morning the victim is listed in critical condition. Why are we doing this to each other?

And thank god there are guys like this in the world who are still willing to help.

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