Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No More Tears

 Here we are midway through the third week of school and it's already starting to feel sort of "normal". Saoirse hasn't cried once this week and so I took the opportunity to get a few pictures of her in the classroom this morning.

 I'm pretty sure it's safe to say she is adjusting quite well.

Which is a tremendous relief for us both as I no longer have to second guess my decision to transfer her which allows me free time to obsess about other things, but at least I can let go of some of that good old fashioned mom guilt in the process.

Nuala and Oscar are also settling into the school year and have a beautiful room and amazing teachers.


And after three years with Miss Ellie and the incredible staff at Children's Workshop (pictured below, spring 2013) I am so happy/relieved/delighted/thrilled beyond belief that Highland is turning out to be a wonderful fit for our family. Miss Ellie set the bar incredibly high.

As I'm sure you can imagine we've had kids in school now for over a decade and have learned a lot over the years. Some lessons have been glaringly obvious while others have been learned the hard way. We have kids attending 6 different schools this year and they all come with their strengths and their weaknesses. And even though I've got a decade under my belt I'm still learning as we go, which is actually a good thing, right?

This one promised me a full blown photo shoot to showcase her lovely new do, which the whole world is absolutely head over heels with,  but for now a quick sneak peek will have to suffice. It was raining on us this morning when I took this shot and spiky short hair is no friend of the rain! Seriously though, who is this young lady? The universe knew what it was doing when it shared her with me and with the rest of the world. She's pretty amazing.

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